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Toyota is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world , the Japanese company is unique of its kind in the production of many types of cars is not only a regular car, but to manufacture trucks and multiple cars .

Toyota's main Tokyo-based Japanese capital and currently is the world's first car company ,Toyota is a major multinational companies and now have Lexus and Hino's Sion and has the largest share of Daihatsu and a small part of the Subaru.

The company, which was beginning in 1890 have now 522 branches. The company produces trucks and buses, different industrial vehicles , as well as the automotive and many manufactured products and the companies promise to provide assistance in many areas, such as knitting fabric.

Appeared in 1979, Toyota agent in Egypt only for brands Toyota and its headquarters in the industrial zone in the Abbasid, the company Responsible for providing all the services and accessories such as selling Toyota, maintenance and after-sales service.

Although Toyota is the first plant for cars in the world, but it is seeking in 2012 to increase its sales by 12% in 2011 and is seeking to complete control of the Japanese market in particular.

Model Property power Price
Yaris 2019 Automatic / HB 1500 18,500 JOD
Yaris 2019 Automatic / SE 1500 19,000 JOD
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Basic Hybrid 1800 22,900 JOD
Corolla 2021 Automatic / Mid Range 1800 24,500 JOD
Camry 2020 Automatic / Hybrid Mid 2500 28,500 JOD
C-HR 2020 A/T / VX Hybrid 1800 28,500 JOD
Rav 4 2020 Automatic / Hybrid 2500 31,900 JOD
Prado 2019 Automatic / EXR 2700 57,000 JOD
Land Cruiser 2021 Automatic / GXR 4000 81,500 JOD
Land Cruiser 2021 Automatic / G4 4600 91,500 JOD
Land Cruiser 2021 Automatic / R-VX 4600 97,500 JOD
Land Cruiser 2021 Automatic / R-V 5700 118,000 JOD

Toyota Showrooms



Tel: +962 6 5535514
Fax: +962 6 5534415
248 Mecca Street, Amman

Toyota Camry Silver 160,000 Km Amman
date_range 2020-12-05
Toyota Rav 4 Light grey 45,000 Km Zarqa
date_range 2020-12-03
Toyota Highlander Gray 165,000 Km Amman
date_range 2020-12-02
Toyota Land Cruiser Black 86,500 Km Amman
date_range 2020-12-02
Toyota Rav 4 White 85,000 Km Zarqa
date_range 2020-12-01

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